The brain naturally craves 4 things: Food, Sex, Water and Sleep. (via phuckindope)

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BREAKING: Here’s the tweet that could lead to a new grand jury in Ferguson, MO. 
#Ferguson: @shaunking took screenshot of tweeter @thesusannichols who claims to know juror on #MikeBrown #DarrenWilson grand jury & appears to be receiving leaked information. King says that within seconds of posting this, her friends told her to delete it & she did but not before it was screenshotted. She has since deleted her entire account but King says they checked & she is indeed a #STL resident w/ years’ worth of tweets from there. “If true, her tweet not only reveals a leak in the grand jury, but gives us an ugly glimpse into how things have gone so far. This person who posted it on twitter & her contact on the grand jury must be fully & completely investigated & removed if it’s true.”-@shaunking

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First illustration of the year, wanted to portray the over militarization of the police force in regards to Ferguson and other recent events

I can show you better than I can tell you. Believe that.

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Learn the difference between a man who flatters you and a man who compliments you. A man who spends money on you and a man who invests in you. A man who views you as property and a man who views you properly. A man who lusts after you and a man who loves you. Unknown (via sadpoetics)

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I see so many women do this! Smh #Never #knowyourworth


My heart hasn’t beat the same since I met you. It never will.

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fuckin beautiful

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

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Black women need to start a hashtag #icanbeboth where we post pictures of ourselves with degrees, at graduation, sitting in your office, being successful etc. along side pics of us partying, twerking, dancing, having fun as NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS DO.

Because this idea that you are either a hoe or a sophisticated woman is toxic as hell. It’s a racialized version of the virgin-whore dichotomy. I can be both a sexual being and an role model/educator at the same damn time.

I’m only here for the last paragraph.. I repeat, shoutout to the last paragraph.

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A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you.

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BREAKING: Michael Dunn found guilty of first-degree murder in shooting death of Florida teen Jordan Davis
     Michael Dunn, the man who shot and killed Florida teenager Jordan Davis in November 2012, has been found guilty of first-degree murder.

Dunn was previously found guilty of three counts of attempted murder in a February trial for shooting at an SUV carrying Davis and three of his friends.
During that trial, the jurors deadlocked on the decision to convict Dunn of first-degree murder.
Tuesday saw Dunn testify in his own defense. The jury began deliberations early Wednesday morning.

From The Florida Times Union:

I’ve been productive all day. Multitasking between work and personal obligations. No better feeling than accomplishment…. Well, love but you get my drift.

Happy Hump Day people! :)

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